Within Surrey, we have five Revive re-use shops where you can buy pre-owned items for the home and garden. All our community recycling centres have re-use drop-off points where you can leave items you no longer want that could be used by someone else.

Every year, we divert almost 1,000 tonnes of items that are being disposed of and put them back into good use through our Revive re-use shops. Our shops sell an eclectic range of items including:

Revive re-use shop

  • Furniture
  • Bikes
  • Crockery
  • Tools
  • Garden furniture and ornaments
  • CDs, DVDs and records
  • Sports equipment
  • TVs, computer screens and lamps

By donating and shopping at Revive, you’ll be helping to:

  • Give items a second life.
  • Reduce waste and the associated disposal costs.
  • Raise money for local charities, as we donate 10% of net profits.
  • Maintain essential services within Surrey County Council, as revenue raised in the shops is used to offset the running costs of the community recycling centres.

Revive re-use shop locations

Our currently open Revive re-use shops are located at our community recycling centres at the following locations:

Please note that our Revive shop for Martyrs Lane (Woking) is currently closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Item checks

All items are checked by our team to make sure that they are suitable for re-use. Some items, such as sofas and toys, will only be sold where they have the correct safety labels. Other items, such as bikes, are sold for spares and repairs only. Electrical items are PAT tested and come with a two-week, no quibble refund policy.

Nominating a charity

Every quarter, 10% of net profits from the Revive re-use shops are donated to local charities.

The charities that will benefit are selected by members of the public through a nomination process. You can nominate your favourite charity by writing the charity’s name and registered number (if you know it) on a nomination form and placing it in the box in your nearest Revive re-use shop.

At the end of every quarter, the nominations received at each of the four Revive re-use shops are counted up and the four charities with the most votes will receive the money.

A few rules

  • SUEZ management in Surrey, on behalf of Surrey County Council, have the final decision.
  • The organisation must be a registered charity to be eligible.
  • Due diligence may be conducted on any charity prior to money being donated.
  • No charity can win twice from the same shop within a year (rolling year period).
  • Visitors can vote more than once, or vote for more than one charity, but extreme attempts to influence the process will be excluded.
  • If the vote is tied, the money will be split.

The Revive re-use shops are managed by SUEZ recycling and recovery UK on behalf of Surrey County Council.

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