Transfer and bulking

We operate five waste transfer and bulking facilities in Surrey, located alongside five of our community recycling centres.

By reducing the number of vehicles transporting waste around the county, these facilities play an important role in managing Surrey’s waste.

Transfer and bulking facilities are mainly used by Surrey’s District and Borough councils for transferring kerbside recycling and waste collections.

Collection vehicles tip their recycling and waste at a transfer station. It is stored here for a short time before being loaded on to larger bulk vehicles and taken to processing facilities for recycling, composting or energy recovery.

The facilities at Leatherhead, Guildford and Epsom also accept commercial waste. The facility at Shepperton is closed to commercial waste during the Eco Park building works. The facility at Earlswood is not open to commercial waste.

If you are a local householder bringing a large quantity of waste from construction or home improvements in a van, pick-up truck or trailer, you will be directed to your nearest waste transfer station where you will have to pay a charge. Each transfer station has a weighbridge, so the appropriate disposal charge can be calculated.

Waste carriers

If you transport waste in the course of your business, you need to be registered as a waste carrier with the Environment Agency. We can only accept commercial waste from businesses with a Waste Carrier’s Licence or exemption certificate.

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