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Part of the global SUEZ group, SUEZ recycling and recovery UK employs over 5,000 people. Since it was established in the UK in 1988, our company has been managing waste and water for our local authority and business customers. Today, we are pioneering sustainable solutions and innovative technologies for the UK’s circular economy.

A pioneer of the circular economy, we have re-engineered our original waste management business. The Surrey Eco Park and our other facilities are part of a varied waste management infrastructure developed across the UK. Today, we generate electric power and heat, manufacture alternative fuels, process reclaimed wood and produce compost – as well as securely managing a wide range of materials from recyclables to confidential waste and hazardous waste.

We make a significant and growing contribution by recovering value from waste materials. Waste, we believe, should be viewed as a resource to be reused, recycled or turned into energy rather than thrown away. We will continue investing in our national network of facilities and new processes as we support our customers through the transition to the circular economy.

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