9th February 2015

Charlton Lane tree clearance works

Our contractors are clearing trees and vegetation around the perimeter of the site throughout February in anticipation of starting construction on the Eco Park later this year. This work is being carried out under our planning permissions for the Eco Park and with an independent ecologist present throughout.

Working in line with Natural England guidance, the ecologist carries out a walkover survey of each area before work takes place to ensure it is carried out with consideration to any wildlife present and in compliance with the relevant legislation.

In order to safely clear trees along the footpath that runs to the rear of the site, we have permission to temporarily close the stretch of the footpath affected. The temporary closure will be kept to a minimum, approximately ten days subject to weather conditions, and a diversion will be in place for footpath users.

Operations at the community recycling centre and transfer station are unaffected by the works.

The tree clearance will affect views from some properties on Hawthorn Way, however, the Eco Park development plan includes extensive landscaping, including an embankment with woodland planting to screen views of the site from nearby homes.

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